Very Cheap Toyota Radiator Cap Suitable For Toyota 1.1 Car

Toyota Radiator Cap

Product name:Toyota Radiator Cap Suitable For Toyota Car

Function Of Toyota Radiator Cap :

Radiator cap is designed to seal the top of radiator filler neck.It could prevent cooling liquid coolant loss.It also could used to be Two-Way Valve.It also could keep interier nomal pressure,let radiator work normal.If not keep pressure,liquid coolant will be boiling and evaporation.It will put the engine at risk of overheating.

Features Of Toyota Radiator Cap:

1.Our item are all new item and never use before.2.Our item are used by good quality material.3.Our item are durable.4.Our item are easy to install and replacement.

Condition:new Item Size:small,middle,large Material:403 iron steel,304 stainless steel Fitment:replacement Direct Supplier Item Number:5SR001/5SR002/5SR003/5SR004/5SR005

Warranty:1 year Brand:unbranded Fitment:toyota Corolla Lexus RX300 RX330 Type:car UPC:does not apply Pressure:0.9bar,1.1bar,

Product Details

Very Cheap Toyota Radiator Cap Manufacturer

Product name:Good Toyota Radiator Cap Suitable For Toyota Car


DAIHATSU 16401-87208
LEXUS 16401-72090
LEXUS 16401-20353
MITSUBISHI 16401-72090
SUZUKI 17920-80E01
SUZUKI 17920-82A00
SUZUKI 17920-76G00
TOYOTA 16401-21250



Notes Year Make Model Type
1994 hatchback toyota radiator cap 1994 Toyota PROTONWIRA Hatchback (C9_C, C9_S) Hatchback
1994 PERSONA toyota radiator cap 1994 Toyota PROTONPERSONA 400 (C9_S) Saloon
1996 PERSONA toyota radiator cap 1996 Toyota PROTONPERSONA 300 (C9_M) Hatchback
1996 SATRIA toyota radiator cap 1996 Toyota PROTONSATRIA (C9_M) Hatchback
2000 WIRA Hatchback daihatsu radiator cap 2000 Daihatsu PROTONWIRA Hatchback Hatchback
1990 MIRA Mk III (L201) daihatsu radiator cap 1990 Daihatsu MIRA Mk III (L201) Hatchback
1993 CHARADE IV daihatsu radiator cap 1993 Daihatsu CHARADE IV (G200, G202) Hatchback
1994 CUORE IV daihatsu radiator cap   Daihatsu CUORE IV (L501) Hatchback
1994 MOVE daihatsu radiator cap 1994 Daihatsu MOVE (L6_, L9_) MPV
1993 VALERA IV Saloon  daihatsu radiator cap 1993 Daihatsu VALERA IV Saloon (G203) Saloon
1994 RAV 4 ? toyota radiator cap 1994 Toyota RAV 4 ? (SXA1_) Closed Off-Road Vehicle
1999 COROLLA SECCA Hatchback  toyota radiator cap 1999 Toyota COROLLA SECCA Hatchback (_E10_, AE102) Hatchback
1992 COROLLA Liftback toyota radiator cap 1992 Toyota COROLLA Liftback (_E10_) Hatchback
1992 COROLLA Wagon  toyota radiator cap 1992 Toyota COROLLA Wagon (_E10_) Estate
1996 STARLET (_P8_) toyota radiator cap 1996 Toyota STARLET (_P8_) Hatchback
1996 4 RUNNER (RN10_, VZN13_, VZN10_, RN13_)toyota radiator cap 1997 Toyota 4 RUNNER (RN10_, VZN13_, VZN10_, RN13_) Closed Off-Road Vehicle
1997 CAMRY Saloon (_CV1_, _XV1_, _V1_) toyota radiator cap 1997 Toyota CAMRY Saloon (_CV1_, _XV1_, _V1_) Saloon
1997 CAMRY Station Wagon toyota radiator cap 1997 Toyota CAMRY Station Wagon (_XV1_, _CV1_, _V10) Estate
1997 CARINA E Saloon toyota radiator cap 1997 Toyota CARINA E Saloon (_T19_) Saloon
1997 CARINA E  radiator cap 1997 Toyota CARINA E (_T19_) Hatchback
1997 CARINA E Sportswagon  radiator cap 1997 Toyota CARINA E Sportswagon (_T19_) Estate
1993 CELICA Coupe radiator cap 1993 Toyota CELICA Coupe (AT18_, ST18_) Coupe
1999 CELICA toyota radiator cap 1999 Toyota CELICA Coupe
1993 CELICA Convertible radiator cap 1993 Toyota CELICA Convertible (AT18_, ST18_) Convertible
1985 CELICA Hatchback (TA60, RA40, RA6_) radiator cap 1985 Toyota CELICA Hatchback (TA60, RA40, RA6_) Hatchback
1999 CYNOS Coupe radiator cap 1999 Toyota CYNOS Coupe (EL54) Coupe
1995 LAND CRUISER PRADO radiator cap 1995 Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO (_J9_) Closed Off-Road Vehicle
1978 CELICA  radiator cap 1978 Toyota CELICA (RA2_, TA2_) Saloon
2001 IPSUM  radiator cap 2001 Toyota IPSUM (_XM10) MPV
2002 COROLLA Saloon radiator cap 2002 Toyota COROLLA Saloon (_E11_) Saloon
2002 COROLLA Liftback  radiator cap 2002 Toyota COROLLA Liftback (_E11_) Hatchback
2002 COROLLA Compact  radiator cap 2002 Toyota COROLLA Compact (_E11_) Hatchback
2003 AVENSIS radiator cap  2003 Toyota AVENSIS (_T22_) Saloon
2003 AVENSIS Station Wagon radiator cap  2003 Toyota AVENSIS Station Wagon (_T22_) Estate
1999 COROLLA  radiator cap 1999 Toyota COROLLA (_E10_) Saloon
2003 AVENSIS Liftback radiator cap 2003 Toyota AVENSIS Liftback (_T22_) Hatchback
2000 RAV 4 I Cabrio   radiator cap 2000 Toyota RAV 4 I Cabrio (SXA1_) Open Off-Road Vehicle
1998 PASEO Convertible radiator cap 1998 Toyota PASEO Convertible (EL54) Convertible
2001 COROLLA Wagon  radiator cap 2001 Toyota COROLLA Wagon (__E11_) Estate
1999 Hatchback   radiator cap 1999 Toyota STARLET (EP91) Hatchback
2007 RUNX  radiator cap 2007 Toyota RUNX (ZZE12_, NDE12_, ZDE12_) Hatchback
2008 COROLLA Saloon  radiator cap 2008 Toyota COROLLA Saloon (_E12J_, _E12T_) Saloon
2008 AVENSIS Saloon   radiator cap 2008 Toyota AVENSIS Saloon (T25) Saloon
2003 AVENSIS Combi  radiator cap 2003 Toyota AVENSIS Combi (T25) Estate
2008 AVENSIS radiator cap 2008 Toyota AVENSIS (T25_) Hatchback
2009 PRIUS Hatchback  radiator cap 2009 Toyota PRIUS Hatchback (NHW20_) Hatchback
2009 COROLLA Verso  radiator cap 2009 Toyota COROLLA Verso (ZER_, ZZE12_, R1_) MPV

Package And Shipping:

Package:100 pieces into one poly bag,5bags into a carton box.

toyota radiator cap

toyota radiator cap

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10-30days after receive deposit