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Ruian Sherrock Auto Part could manufacture heater core.We are one of leading manufacturer of aftermarket heater core.

What is heater core?

As the name implies, the car heater system heats the airflow inside or outside the car, and blows the heated airflow into the car again through the pipes to form warm air. Commonly used car heater systems can be divided into three types: coolant heating, gas heating, and exhaust gas heating. The car uses coolant heating. It is composed of coolant, water pump, water valve, blower, heater core and other parts. The coolant is heated by the engine. After the heated water is pressurized by the water pump, the rotary water valve that controls the flow of the coolant enters the heater core from the inlet of the heater core pipe, and the coolant entering the heater core exits from the heater core pipe. The nozzle enters the engine and circulates in this way. When the heater core is heated by the coolant, the blower is also working. The blower draws in the cold air inside or outside the car, and then blows it to the heater core. The cold wind is heated by the heater core and then blown into the car , So that the temperature inside the car rises.

How many kinds of heater core?

According to the process, heater core can be divided into two processes: mechanical heater core and brazed heater core. The heater core and radiator are very similar. In the shape, the difference between the mechanical heater core and brazed heater core can be distinguished. The mechanical heater core is assembled from round tubes. The brazed heater core is assembled from flat tubes. The material of the mechanical heater core is composed of plastic and aluminum. The material of the brazed heater core is aluminum. The price of the mechanical heater core is generally lower than that of the brazed heater core.

How to judge whether the heater core has been damaged?

Open the engine compartment and touch the two water pipes in the circle above, you can know whether the heater core is damaged. The water pipe in the picture above is a warm air pipe, the right is the inlet pipe, and the left is the outlet pipe. When the car activates the heating air conditioner to open, first touch the right inlet pipe is hot, indicating that hot water enters the warm water tank. Then you touched the water outlet pipe on the left, which is cold. The air conditioner is working normally due to the cold blood night circulation, so the inlet and outlet pipes are hot. If it is cold, it means that the heater core is blocked, and the effective circulation of the coolant is not available, causing The cold wind blown by the blower cannot be heated by the warm air tank, so the warm air is not hot.

How to replace the heater core?

Since the heater core and the entire fan assembly are in the middle of the vehicle, under the instrument panel, the entire instrument panel must be removed before the car can be picked up smoothly. If the situation is good, dismantling an instrument panel often takes two Hours, 40 minutes for replacement and repair, and two hours for installation, so the owner should prepare for one day's repair if he encounters this problem.
To disassemble the instrument panel, remove the accessories such as the safety lock, air duct, glove box, central channel, radio, instrument, middle part, steering wheel, etc., and then remove the three screws on the instrument panel, one of which is inside the clock and the other two sides There are two screws, and there are a few screws at the bottom. After disassembling, you need to loosen the several cables controlled by the air duct. You can drop the cables through the removed accessories. Then the instrument can be held up smoothly

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